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A mum-to-be from Manchester was terrorised into having an abortion after enduring a campaign of fear from her abusive ex-boyfriend who threatened to kill her baby. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “The vile actions of one dangerous man has destroyed multiple lives, including the life of an innocent child. This can never be allowed to happen again.”

Chloe Lomas from Manchester was pregnant and excited at the prospect of bringing up her child with her partner. Chloe’s ex-boyfriend, Sam Donnelly, who was in prison for assault, was informed of the pregnancy.

Donnelly managed to harass his ex-girlfriend from the confines of his prison cell illegally using a mobile phone.

A campaign of terror

Over a period of 77 days, abusive Donnelly bombarded the mum-to-be with 4,208 phone calls and text messages in which he threatened to kill Chloe, her family and her baby.

An armed gang was sent to Chloe’s home. The gang held Chloe and her family at gunpoint before fleeing.

Chloe and her family had to be moved to various safe homes to protect them from Donnelly’s threats. Chloe’s partner, the father of her unborn child, eventually ended their relationship out of fear.

From his prison cell, Donnelly told Chloe that: “I've got mates who love me and they would do anything for me. It will never end.”

After the sustained campaign of hate against her, Chloe had an abortion and ended her pregnancy.

“More must be done to protect women and children”

SPUC’s Michael Robinson said: “These are shocking circumstances which no one should ever have to endure. Chloe Lomas was terrorised into an abortion after continual harassment.

“It is clear that this abortion was not about ‘choice’ but it was the result of fear and a lack of support and protection.”

Manchester mum-to-be terrorised into abortion after abusive ex threatened to kill baby
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