23  August 2019

By Grace Browne
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This summer has seen the people of Australia tossed into a state of frenzy, as Australian legislators attempt to implement an extreme abortion regime upon the state of New South Wales. From pro-abortion death threats, to exterminating humans based on sex, what’s the deal with death down-under?

On the 20th of August, thousands of protestors swarmed the streets of the New South Wales city of Sydney. They were protesting the attempts of Australian legislators who appeared determined to impose some of the most extreme pro-death pieces of legislation onto the people of New South Wales.

Following the public outcry from the NSW community, politicians delayed their vote on the proposed abortion Bill, which will now be considered mid-September. The backlash illustrates that public opinion is not in alignment with their radical political representatives.

So, what has instigated such a strong public backlash?

Killing based on sex, disability and until birth

The New South Wales Abortion Bill, will become one of the most radical pieces of pro-abortion legislation in the world, if it is passed. The Bill would decriminalise abortion in the Australian state of New South Wales, and would allow killing unborn humans without restriction until the 22nd week of pregnancy, and in the case where two doctors approve it, abortion will be allowed to birth for any social, physical or psychological reason. In addition, the legislation would allow killing unborn humans on the grounds of disability at any stage and would permit the abhorrent practice of sex-selective abortion.

Shockingly, the Bill has managed to pass through Parliament’s lower house. The influence of extreme political correctness also appears to have run rampant, as the Bill avoids mentioning the word ‘woman’, preferring to refer only to the gender neutral term ‘person’ in relation abortion.

However, the sprinkling of pro-abortion supporters who back the proposed regime, appear just as determined as legislators to promote a culture of death. Exemplified by the case of two New South Wales men arrested for issuing death threats to politicians who voted against the legislation.  

A Reflection of the future UK

Whilst many may consider the dealings down-under to be a world away from the UK, troubling parallels between our two nations are evident, with increasing evidence of intolerance to pro-life views and an accompanying radical ambition of abortion supporters. Britain is heading in the same direction as New South Wales.

Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of one the UK’s largest abortion chains, BPAS, who has confirmed that full abortion decriminalisation in the United Kingdom is the goal of UK abortion providers, has not been slow to welcome abortion regimes similar to that proposed in New South Wales, and wants a more radical abortion regime in the United Kingdom.

During July of this year, Westminster politicians voted in support of the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Bill which includes provisions to repeal sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act which are currently the only safeguards protecting unborn children from the threat of abortion in Northern Ireland. The pro-abortion MPs behind imposing this change on the people of Northern Ireland have also made clear their intention to have the same measures adopted in England and Wales.

It is evident that we are facing a worldwide fight against the culture of death. We wish our neighbours down-under every success in their valiant fight, just as we will need their tenacity in combatting the same forces of darkness in the UK.