4 October 2019

By Matthew McCusker

J Cross
Corporal John Cross 1877-1916, and his medla from the mine workers union.

SPUC’s work is founded on the generosity of our donors – we are entirely dependent on extraordinary men and women up and down the country giving generously to protect those who are not able to protect themselves.

Jim and Mary Connor, retired teachers from Crook in County Durham, exemplify this generosity. They have supported SPUC for many years, and recently shared with us this moving story which connects us with those who have sacrificed themselves for others throughout the generations.

Five members of Mary Connor’s family, all miners, joined up to fight in the First World War - only one of them returned. Mary has treasured their medals and war records for many years but recently decided to sell them at auction and donate the proceeds to SPUC.

One of the heroes whose medals were sold was John Cross. He was born at Cleator Moor in Cumbria in 1877, and moved to the north-east of England to work in the mines. On 29 October 1914, aged 36, he volunteered to serve in the Tyneside Irish Brigade of the Northumberland Fusiliers, a largely second generation Irish Brigade. He was killed on 1 July 1916, the first day of the battle of the Somme.

We were particularly moved when Mary shared the reason for her gift: SPUC was a cause of which she was sure that her relatives would have approved. We felt immediately the bond that connects the pro-life movement with the generations who came before us – who shared our values – and the generations to come – who will look back with horror on abortion and the crimes of our day.

Jim and Mary Connor

How much things have changed in our country since Mary’s relatives gave their lives for the freedom and well-being of generations yet to come. Their sacrifice has been betrayed in a most terrible way by those who push abortion for financial or ideological motives.

They want to destroy the family as the basis of society and make money out killing of babies as they do it. They callously disregard the rights and wellbeing of present and future generations, while spurning the sacrifices of the past.

Thanks to Jim and Mary Connor, the heroes of WWI are helping save unborn babies a century after they went off to war.

And thanks to each of you – every single SPUC supporter – we are able to fight on for victory in this struggle for the right of every baby to be cherished and protected by the laws our country. Thank you!