White Flower Appeal

Every year hundreds of churches across Britain take part in the SPUC White Flower Appeal, making it one of our largest and most important educational and fundraising events of the year.

The majority of appeals take place in January, but they can be held at any time of year. A pro-life educational talk is given, campaigning postcards distributed, and generous volunteers collect donations to help us carry out our life-saving work during the coming year.

Become a White Flower helper

We rely primarily on volunteers for this appeal and are always in need of new speakers, local area contacts and collectors to help the appeal run smoothly.

For more information on being a White Flower helper or volunteer please contact Harriet Nabaterrega on 01772 258 580 or at .

Why 'White Flower'?

People often ask why our annual appeal is called the “White Flower Appeal”.

The name was originally inspired by the work of the Weiße Rose (White Rose) movement, a non-violent, intellectual resistance to the Nazis in Germany at the height of the Second World War. They became known for an anonymous leafleting and graffiti campaign that lasted 8 months between 1942 and 1943.

In February 1943 Hans and Sophie Scholl, two of the group's core active members were caught and arrested. Following interrogation, they were tried by the Gestapo and beheaded along with four others. The Weiße Rose  and Sophie Scholl have been the subject of a number of films retelling the story of their bravery to new generations.

The White Rose still serves as an example to us of what can be achieved by standing up for what is right peacefully, but with determination, even in the face of hostility and oppression.