Astonishing 9000 march for an end to abortion in Chicago

14 January 2020

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The 2020 Chicago March for Life took place on January 11th and saw an astonishing attendance of 9000 people. The event occurred only days ahead of the US National March for Life, which will be attended this year by a delegation from SPUC.

Addressing the Chicago event, Daniel Lipinski, an Illinois Democrat told the crowd that he and his allies in the US Congress would continue the fight to abolish abortion. Mr Lipinski said: "We are going to change the laws, we are going to change hearts and minds, and we are going to make this a pro-life nation.”

The theme of the Chicago March for life was ‘Pro-life is pro-woman’, which is the theme expected to be carried on to the National March for Life on January 24th.

Record attendance at pro-life marches

Pro-life demonstrations in cities worldwide have had record attendance numbers in recent years.

2019 saw over 5000 people attend the London March For Life with an even higher attendance expected in June 2020.

Berlin’s 2019 March for Life attracted over 8000 attendees. Austria’s 2019 March for Life doubled in attendance compared to previous years with nearly 5000 in attendance, whilst the Dutch March for Life hosted 15,000 people. SPUC reported on the ground-breaking 50,000 people in attendance at the 2019 Slovakian March for Life.

SPUC Scotland’s trip to March for Life Washington

SPUC Scotland’s youth trip to Washington will commence on January 21st where a group of 16 young adults will travel from the UK to the Washington DC March for Life.

Primarily an educational trip, the event aims to inspire young people to be actively involved in the pro-life movement in Scotland and across the UK.

The experience will provide invaluable opportunities to hear some of the best pro-life speakers in the world and to see just how vibrant the pro-life movement of America is. The trip will better equip young people to help build a culture of life in the UK.

If you would like to support SPUC Scotland’s youth trip to Washington, follow the link here