“Intolerant crowd of hecklers” vote to suppress pro-life students on Cardiff campus

22 November 2019

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An “intolerant and disrespectful crowd of hecklers” suppressed pro-life students, as Cardiff Students’ Union voted to adopt an official “pro-choice” stance. The pro-abortion motion was passed yesterday evening, November 21st, by a majority of Cardiff students who were described as an “intolerant and disrespectful crowd of hecklers” by pro-life students at the meeting.

SPUC CEO, John Deighan, said: “Universities should, and need to be, the very places where individuals can share their ideas, express their views and debate them freely and openly. 

“The bullying approach adopted by the Students’ Union is part of the continuous onslaught to stifle freedom of speech and stamp out any semblance of a pro-life voice on campus.”

The word “baby” cannot be used

The pro-abortion motion, proposed by student, Isadora Sinha, will impose sanctions on the university’s pro-life group, Cardiff Students for Life. Sanctions will include censoring speech and materials. The word “baby” can no longer be used to describe unborn children.

Cardiff Students for Life President, Luke Doherty said: “Cardiff University Students’ Union has overwhelmingly voted in favour of the University adopting an official ‘pro-choice’ stance. Despite speaking against the motion and outlining the affront to the freedom of expression and conscience, we were largely outnumbered by an intolerant and disrespectful crowd of hecklers.

“I am particularly troubled by the visible animosity on campus towards pro-life students and shall follow due procedure to complain about the verbal abuse myself and others experienced. We unreservedly continue to fight the good fight and express that this is a very sad day for liberty and freedom."

Widespread discrimination faced by young pro-life people

The decision to suppress students is part of the growing trend of attempts by student unions to censor pro-life views. 

Earlier this year, SPUC reported on the legal battle endured by Glasgow students who were discriminated against by their university’s Student Representative Council on account of their pro-life beliefs.

Similarly, in September 2019, Strathclyde Students for Life, who secured their right to exist in 2018, were left feeling “powerless and bullied” at their freshers event when representatives from the student body confronted them and demanded that their stall materials be removed. The materials offered support to pregnant women and included a picture of a toddler with Down's syndrome.