New Initiative gives hope to pregnant students

07 October 2019

Copy of Add a little bit of body text 9                                                                                                         The Alma Mater fund hopes to support pregnant students on their academic journey 

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (Scotland), has launched a new initiative called The Alma Mater Fund which seeks to support pregnant students in their academic journey.

The launch of the initiative has been prompted by SPUC’s experience working with university students and learning of the pro-abortion pressures that often prevail in universities.

The Alma Mater Fund will provide financial grants to pregnant university students to support them in pursuing their academic and personal goals. Additionally, the Alma Mater Fund coordinator will be available to sign-post students in the direction of further support available to them, either through the university, government support, or other organisations.

Project Manager of the Alma Mater Fund, Margaret Akers, said: “SPUC is pleased to be able to launch the Alma Mater Fund. It is our hope that this fund will provide support to young women at a difficult time in their lives – and help them feel empowered moving forward. So often, young women feel they must choose between their studies and continuing a pregnancy. They are told they are incapable of doing both.

“Sadly, there is lack of government support in providing for vulnerable pregnant women. We are happy to say that the Alma Mater Fund will play a part in filling that gap. in We believe and know that pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the end of an academic journey. With the right support, a woman can achieve the best for herself and her child. We are happy to have the opportunity to contribute to that support system.”

Empowering mothers to continue education

Mrs Akers described how due to a lack of support, many women do not think it is possible to be a parent and finish their degree.

Mrs Akers said: “Many women will feel pressured to either leave university or have a termination after discovering they are pregnant. The Alma Mater Fund is hoping to empower them, to show them it is possible to do both.”

Sarah Thompson Robertson who faced an unexpected pregnancy in her third year of study and graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2016, spoke at the launch of the Alma Mater Fund. Sarah said: “I myself experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards of being pregnant and having a child whilst at university, after finding out I was pregnant in 2015.

“Many people asked me if I would drop out of university. I didn’t. I went on to face the challenges that any young student with a child would. My main delight is that the Alma Mater Fund encourages and helps young women to be resilient to the challenges that come with being a mother and student.”

Applying for The Alma Matter Fund

Scottish university students who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy are eligible to apply for The Alma Mater Fund. The sum granted to students will be decided on an individual basis depending on their situation.

To apply for the grant, and to speak to the Alma Mater Fund coordinator a student can:

Call, text, or WhatsApp 07849 088 244


Message on Facebook @almamaterfund.