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Tiny Feet Pin Badge (Goldtone)

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The tiny feet badge is a life-size replica of feet belonging to an unborn child 10 weeks from conception. It has become the internationally recognised symbol of the pro-life movement, worn by millions.

It is based upon a photograph taken by a young American pathologist working in a hospital where abortions were performed. He was horrified by what he saw and wanted to show people what abortion involved. By 9 to 10 weeks after conception an unborn baby is developed enough to curl her toes or bend her hips and knees in response to a touch on the sole of the foot. The vast majority of UK abortions are performed on unborn babies of this age.

The badges are an excellent teaching aid and a subtle, yet powerful, way to promote life. Complete with free booklet explaining the different stages of development in the womb. 1/3" x 1/3".

(Also available in Silver)