Urge the DUP to bring back Stormont to avert abortion decriminalisation

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In July, the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Act was fast-tracked through Parliament supposedly to provide more time for the political parties to negotiate a deal on a return to Stormont. Yet, this legislation is now set to strip all meaningful legal protection from unborn children in the Province.

After 21 October, the existing law will be repealed and the most extreme abortion regime in western Europe will be imposed on Northern Ireland. Self-induced abortion, sex-selective abortion and use of illicit abortion drugs, before the 24th week, will not be treated as a criminal offence. 

Only the restoration of devolved government before the October deadline can avert this disaster. It is up to the people of Northern Ireland to call on the pro-life Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to challenge the other parties to make the Good Friday Agreement work by restoring devolution.   

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Please sign this petition to the leadership of the DUP to act now to prevent this inhuman and unjust abortion regime being imposed on Northern Ireland.

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The leaflet is available for download here [NI leaflet SEPT 2019.pdf]

The petition form is available for downoad here [NI PETITION FORM.pdf]

You can get more copies by calling 028 9023 3061 or emailing

This petition closes on 21 October 2019.