Bodies of over 2,000 aborted babies found in the home of abortionist

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Klopfer aborted thousands of unborn babies

More than 2,000 preserved foetal remains have been discovered at the home of a former Illinois abortionist who died last week, and have been branded by SPUC as “hellish” and revealing “utter depravity at the heart of the abortion industry”.

According to the Will County Sheriff Office, authorities found the remains of approximately 2,246 aborted babies at the home of abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, after his family contacted the Coroner’s office on Thursday about possible foetal remains packed into the residence.

The abortionist

Klopfer, who died on September 3rd, was a doctor at an abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana. According to the South Bend Tribune, Klopfer was understood to be Indiana’s ‘most prolific abortion doctor’, who aborted thousands of unborn babies in multiple Indiana counties over several decades.

Klopfer was notorious within Indiana state for his repeated failings which included failure to report abuse, failure to maintain accurate medical records and failure to maintain acceptable health and safety conditions.

 In September of 2013, a complaint was filed with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board against the abortionist, Klopfer, after it was discovered that he performed an abortion on a 13-year-old girl and failed to report the abuse, as required by Indiana law.  Two other complaints were also issued against Klopfer in two other Indiana counties for failure to report performing abortions on girls under the age of 14. He was described to have a ‘seeming indifference to child abuse.’

Klopfer’s medical licence was suspended by Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board in November 2016 after the panel reviewed the complaints filed against him and uncovered numerous violations. The abortion clinic which employed Klopfer was also forced to close after the state revoked its license in 2015.

Reminiscent of the grisly Gosnell findings

Following the discovery in Klopfer’s residence, the Coroner’s office has taken possession of the 2,246 bodies and an investigation is underway. However, the circumstances are reminiscent of that of Kermit Gosnell, a now imprisoned abortionist, who collected the body parts of unborn babies in jars after he aborted them.

Philadelphia authorities raided the residence and workplace of Gosnell in 2010, where investigators found jars of foetal remains, most of which were severed feet, alongside rubbish bags brimming with aborted baby body parts and deceased babies with gaping wounds around the neck and base of the skull. Those who worked alongside Gosnell in the Philadelphia abortion clinic reported that corpses of aborted babies were not uncommonly refrigerated alongside staff lunches.

“Circumstances of utter depravity”

Remarking on the current findings at Klopfer’s residence, SPUC Chief Executive, John Smeaton branded the situation as barbaric.

He said: “The barbarity of these sickening circumstances is a reflection of just how hellish the abortion industry as a whole is. The abortion industry has a callous disrespect for human life, and views humans as something to be discarded at will. Even within our own country, Marie Stopes, one of the UK’s largest abortion chains, was recently found to be dumping the bodies of aborted babies in open waste bins.  Whilst in 2014, an investigation found that the bodies of thousands of aborted babies were incinerated and used to heat hospitals.”

“This grotesque treatment of humans and the handling of their remains reveal utter depravity at the heart of the abortion industry and demonstrate all too clearly just how abortionists view human life.”