Senior NHS worker jailed for grooming underage girl and pressuring her to have abortion is important “wake-up call’

28 November 2019

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A senior NHS mental health worker was jailed for 10 years for having sexual relations with an underage teenager and forcing her to have an abortion against her will to conceal his illegal sexual activity. SPUC said that the case is “an important wake-up call.”

Givemore Gezi aged 39, a married man, began having sexual relations with a 15 year-old and forced her to have an abortion when she became pregnant at 16.

SPUC Director of Campaigns, Antonia Tully, said: “This case is an important wake-up call. We should look at the conditions which enabled a sexual predator, in a position of authority, to get away with abusing a teenage girl until she was brave enough to speak out.

“In a society where illegal underage sex has been normalised and abortion is presented as a simple solution, we have created an environment where sexual abuse can flourish undetected. In such a culture it can be very difficult for vulnerable young women to fully grasp the wrong that has been done to them, let alone give evidence against the perpetrator. We have to ask how many sexual abusers are not brought to justice?”

Left alone crying in an abortion ward

Married father of two, Gezi, lied to the teenager about his age, claiming he was 28, when he was in-fact 39. He started sexual relations with the girl when she was only 15.

After becoming pregnant aged 16, Gezi pressured his victim to have an abortion as a way to cover up both his abuse and extramarital affair.

The teenage girl was left alone, crying in an abortion ward where she then told staff about the relations with Gezi. She later attempted suicide.

Antonia Tully said: “It is shocking that no one asked any questions about a teenage girl presenting for an abortion. Were her circumstances looked into fully before her baby was aborted? Did she properly understand what she was doing in giving her consent for the abortion? We have been saying for decades that abortion is a convenient cover-up for sexual abuse.”

“You knew precisely how wrong it was"

Gezi, who worked for Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, has been dismissed from the National Health Service and has been jailed for over 10 years.  

When the sentence was passed at Exeter Crown Court, Gezi was told by the judge: “You knew precisely what you were doing and precisely how wrong it was, how criminal it was and how damaging and abusive it was.”